How to Look for a Job While You’re Still Working

It can be challenging to look for a new job without triggering your boss’s suspicions. If your employer figures out that you’re trying to find other work, odds are your boss and others won’t be happy about it. This could lead to a situation where you’re black-balled with respect to opportunities or even laid off due to staffing cutbacks.

Looking for and finding a job while you are employee isn’t impossible. It just requires a bit of thought, planning and finesse.

Don’t mention it.

If you would like to make something public knowledge at any place of business, just share it with one person. Sooner or later, it will get around.

To keep your boss from discovering your job search, don’t mention it with anybody at work., not even your most trusted colleague.

Incidentally, some people let word of an upcoming interview slip as a way to “send a message” that they should be more appreciated; because another employer is interested in their services. However, you shouldn’t count your chickens before they’re hatched. You never know if a potential employer will go with another candidate or make a final offer that’s too low.

Don’t use work computers or devices.

It feels like common sense, but we’ve all heard stories about people getting caught using their work computer to look for a new job.

It’s common practice for companies to track employees’ internet and email use, as well as dig through the file folders on company computers. Therefore, it’s not a good idea to hunt for jobs, send out resumes or even store a copy of your resume on your work computer.

Don’t look ‘on the clock’.

Because prospective employers will likely keep the same hours as your employer, you will probably have to do some job search-activities during the same time of the day as your shift, but that doesn’t mean you should be taking calls from other employers at your work station.

Instead, use lunch breaks or paid time off to respond to phone calls or go on interviews.

Don’t wear ‘interview clothes’ to work.

If your workplace has a business-casual dress policy and you suddenly show up in a pressed suit, it’s going to look suspicious. It might seem ridiculous to hide interview clothes and change into them in a McDonald’s bathroom, but that’s better than triggering suspicion and resentment among your co-workers and boss.

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