Unite Your Team by Understanding Generational Differences

A major challenge for any company leader is how to efficiently manage various generations.

Many Baby Boomers are now working past retirement age and millennials are continuing to enter the workforce. Add in Generation X, and the results are massive differences in values and work habits that are becoming progressively more pronounced.

Business leaders also have to contend with the issue of negative stereotyping. Older employees may perceive millennials as entitled and tech-dependent, while millennial staff members are prone to seeing older generations as being tech-challenged. Companies have to take steps to suppress stereotypes and unconscious bias.

The following tactics can be used to help unite your multi-generational team:

Prioritize a Strong Work Culture

When the workforce is satisfied and employees enjoy their surroundings, they tend to be more productive. Hosting social workday events, arranging happy hours, and marking major occasions will help a team of employees grow closer and enjoy each other, despite any age differences. Set up a mentorship program between older and younger employees based on experience and goals.

Squash Stereotypes

It requires a mindful effort from everyone to see people as individuals and not let subconscious bias take over. Company leaders can help squash stereotypes by raising awareness and actively trying to combat problems in the workplace brought on by misconceptions and generational conflicts.

Acknowledge Different Work Styles

The best company culture in the world and the elimination of all stereotypes isn’t going to change the fact that people from different generations tend to have different outlooks, values, priorities and motivations. For instance, older workers came up at a time when working long hours were the sign of a good employee, while younger generations tended to be raised by parents working long hours; and are more likely to prioritize efficiency, not time, as a result.

Company leaders need to acknowledge various differences and shape policies that allow for a wide range of work styles. They also should avoid upholding one type of style or set of values over another.

Set the Right Tone

Employees naturally take their cues from company leaders, and therefore, leaders must go about their job in a way that unites different generations. Tech issues should not be handed off you younger workers simply because of their age. The promotional system shouldn’t be biased toward people with more seniority or experience.

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