How to Network When You Have a Manufacturing Job

Career and personal success are heavily based on a network of connections to co-workers, supervisors, clients, friends and loved ones. Network connections often lead you to new opportunities of all sizes and types.

While some industries, like sales, naturally lend themselves to networking – manufacturing isn’t one of them. Those in the manufacturing industry are often more focused on meeting quotas or solving issues on the production line than they are in shaking hands.

However, the somewhat un-social nature of manufacturing doesn’t mean networking should be dismissed. Developing and taking care of connections is invaluable, both during a job search and even after you’ve landed a gig.

Consider the following approaches to building that necessary network while in the manufacturing industry.

Attend Industry Conferences

There’s a conference for every type of manufacturing segment. If you attend and try to connect to others, these events offer wonderful opportunities for networking and making connections to key figures in your industry.

Your objective at these events ought to be attending as many speeches, sessions or workshops as possible. Ask good questions and take good notes. Even if you’re new to the industry, conference attendees are happy to help newbies with tips and introductions.

Join Professional Associations

A professional association is the ideal place to connect to similar people in manufacturing. Compared to an industry conference, these professional groups offer better access to people in your immediate area, which can be useful if you plan to stay in the area for your next job or connect to local clients.


If you don’t already have a LinkedIn profile, now is the time to get one. If you already have a profile, you should start using it to make digital connections, both in your area and around the country. Your existing contacts are an excellent place to begin making new contacts. You’ll probably find your current contacts can provide you with other contacts, some of whom may help you find your next position.

In addition to making connection, join groups related to your job and your industry. Participating in these groups is a great way to not only build ne connections, it’s also a good way to gain insight, learn about new developments and pick up on growing trends.

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