The Right Way to Introduce Temporary Staff to Full-Time Staff

There are numerous advantages to using temporary workers, including the ability to readily increase or reduce staffing, try out employees before hiring them full-time, or fill open positions rapidly.

Even though temporary workers may be with you for only a short time, it’s important to make them feel welcome. It’s typical for temporary staff members to feel like strangers at the business where they’re working, like being the new person standing with a bunch of old friends. Follow our expert advice below on how to make your temporary employees’ integration process as smooth as possible.

Provide a Mentor

Jobs are so much more than their descriptions, and for temporary workers, knowing the fine details can be the difference between success and failure.

When a temporary worker begins working for your business, ensure there is someone designated to welcoming them, showing them the ropes and letting them know various details about process and communication. This mentor should spend some time introducing the temporary worker to their new team members.

Establish Clear Expectations

It can be disconcerting to walk into a business and not determine what is anticipated of you. Be prepared to show temporary employees precisely what you would like them to get done. Offer clear directions on responsibilities and deadlines.

Set Them Up for Success

Be sure that any temporary employee you hire has a complete set of tools and supplies, and understands how to use equipment required to do their job. Making certain that a temporary employee is fully prepared to carry out their job duties can help enhance productivity and also avoid a scenario where a temporary worker feels unsure and adrift.

Incorporate Them into Your Culture

Despite the fact that your temporary hires may only be around for a bit, it’s still crucial for them to be properly ingrained into your company culture. They should not be treated any differently than a full-time worker who has been with your company for a long time.

Involve temporary staff in all meetings, lunches, or other in-house gatherings. Have them come to team bonding or outside-the-workplace office activities. The more a temporary worker feels attached to your business, the more inspired they’ll be work hard and communicate with others. When you include a temporary employee in this manner, you’ll also have a solid foundation for a future relationship, should your hire them on a permanent basis.

Explain the Significance of Their Role

No one wants to feel like they’re doing meaningless work. Therefore, it’s crucial your temps know the significance of assigned tasks. Make sure each temporary worker understands the bigger picture for of all their responsibilities. Provide coaching, instruction, and praise where necessary. Keep in mind that a temporary worker is more prone to quit, and therefore making them feel vital to your company’s success will make them more likely to stick with their short-term assignment.

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