Why You Need to Be Patient When Giving Your New Job A Chance

The first few weeks and months at a new job are crucial, and you can set you up for success by making a few right moves from the start. According to career experts, there are at least four key things you need to do to settle in successfully: pay attention to people, network, determine expectations and get early victories.

1) Pay Attention to People

As soon as you accept a job offer, it is critical to look over the various company documents that discuss your new employer’s values, goals and mission statement. It’s also crucial to pay attention to people in every level of the company.

As you are adjusting to your new job, watch how company leaders, managers and employees interact. Be aware of interpersonal dynamics. By paying attention to your new co-workers and supervisors and how they interact, you’ll get a sense of the company’s informal power dynamics.

An organizational chart can tell you about official structures but paying attention to dynamics gives you a better sense of who truly holds influence. Eventually, you’ll see whose opinions are respected, and who has an influence on others.

2) Network

Your capacity to get things done both short-term and long-term is strongly tied to your relationships, particularly with senior people, people in other departments and your immediate co-workers. Therefore, you should begin building relationships as soon as possible.

To start laying foundations for strong relationships. try meeting with key people, both formally and informally. If you’re finding it difficult to identify who key people, ask your manager or friendly a colleague for suggestions.

3) Determine Expectations

Since you go through the job description before applying, you have a basic knowledge of company expectations, but it’s useful to drill down to exactly what your supervisor expects from you.

Meet with your supervisor and ask about preferred communication methods, problem-solving techniques, degree of autonomy, and tolerance for risk-taking. These grey areas and informal expectations should be cleared up as quickly as possible and doing so can allow you to thrive much faster than figuring things out by trial-and-error.

4) Get Some Quick, Easy Wins

Any new worker should want to three or more noteworthy contributions to their team early on to build credibility and goodwill, as well as generate momentum for more success. That may seem like a lot to ask but making a great a first impression is invaluable. Therefore, you really need to try to hit the ground running. Try to express you value as soon as possible and you’ll be doing yourself a massive favor.

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