Want to Hire Better Drivers? Look for These Five Qualities

Truck drivers take care of many key responsibilities for a company, and you can never hire drivers that are just too good at their job.

Of course, hiring good drivers isn’t easy. There’s no magic formula to making the perfect hire. There are, however, a few qualities that are common to high-quality candidates. Below are five signs that a candidate will be a good hire for your company.

1) Passions that align with your company values

Job seekers are increasingly trying to find job opportunities that offer more than just a paycheck. They want to work for a company with a good reputation and workplace culture.

Smart employers are responding to this by emphasizing a set of inspiration values for their organization and hiring people who identify with those values. The result is a workforce that has a strong internal drive to do good work, both for themselves and for the company.

2) A mentality for problem solving

Boxer Mike Tyson famously said, “everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face,” and sometimes, a work-related problem can hit you like a haymaker to the jaw.

If you hire drivers who enjoy solving problems, your fleet will be well positioned to handle crises and ever-changing technology. Those who enjoy solving problems have successfully managed a wide range of responsibilities throughout their career. They have adapted to new role and responsibilities thrown at them by past employers and career situations.

3) Specific, valuable expertise

Each applicant comes with a unique set of skills and experiences. While general knowledge is useful in most situations, specific expertise can be invaluable in some situations, possibly giving you a competitive advantage.

For instance, if your company deals in electronic parts, drivers with deep, specific knowledge about those parts can act as great brand ambassadors out on the road.

4) A desire to build relationships

Every business and every industry are founded on relationships. Those people with a predisposition for building and maintaining many relationships can add considerable value to your organization. Drivers who excel at professional relationships strengthen your company’s existing relationships throughout the supply chain. Drivers who network are also more likely to hear about key opportunities for your organization.

5) A desire to learn

Technology is evolving rapidly right now, completely changing entire industries as it does. To that point, drivers no long have the option of just being responsible for driving from A to B. They are key players in the modern supply chain industry who must be able to use internet-connected devices and navigate computer-based inventory systems.

Good drivers with a desire to learn will be well-positioned to work with devices and systems as they continue to evolve.

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