Can’t Find a New Job? Maybe You Need to Establish Your Personal Brand

Applying to jobs can be tough when you feel like a face in the crowd, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

By building a personal brand in your professional circles, you distinguish yourself and take more control over your career. Building a personal brand can be done by anyone and is useful in every career field. So, don’t feel like it is only for people in media or executives.

Follow our tips below on how to establish your own unique personal brand.

Laying a Foundation

Regardless of your prior experience, your own personal brand is founded on your characteristics and strengths that can translate in many situations.

For example, if you’ve been a light industrial worker for many years, your job has called for hard work, dedication, attention to detail, and a deep knowledge of production processes. Building on these and other strengths will help you grow your career or make a career change.

When looking to build your personal brand, create a list of your strongest qualities that have long-term value for your career.

Chart a Course

Just as you use a map to reach a destination, you should have a plan to establish your personal brand as much as possible. A huge part of that effort should focus on the way you present yourself and your work. However, make sure you’re on track to take advantage of various opportunities, and this starts by identifying your objective and detailing what you need to get there.

Sometimes it helps to start at the end. Think about your ideal opportunity and the steps you must take to position your brand to get there. Think of each step building momentum toward your objective. If you’re not sure what you have to do, get in touch with people in the industry for advice.

Craft Your Online, Professional Identity

Before social media, most people didn’t have a way to craft their professional identity, and so most didn’t. But now, LinkedIn and other social platforms allow people in any line of work to create a professional brand that can help advance their career.

Once you’ve identified your strengths and charted the career steps you want to take, you’re ready to develop messaging around your brand. If you haven’t already, join LinkedIn. Through a simple interface, you can quickly build a professional profile that effectively presents your personal brand.

Next, ask a professional photographer or friend who is good with a camera to take some professional images of you for your profile. Then, write out your introduction, experience and skills in a way that messages your brand. If you already have a LinkedIn profile, you don’t have to delete and start from scratch. Just build on what you’ve already established.

Continue to tweak your personal brand by posting updates and sharing content that reflects what you want to do moving forward. Play with the language and don’t shy away from owning your strengths as a professional.

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