Learn How Facebook Can Get You a Job Interview!

Facebook isn’t just for keeping in touch with college roommates and watching cat videos anymore; it’s also a great career tool thanks to some recent initiatives by the social networking giant.

Learn how to use Facebook the right way so you can find a new job!


Old friends, exes and distant relatives aren’t the only ones looking to find you on Facebook. Recruiters and hiring managers regularly scour the social network for people to fill open positions. In addition to find opportunities this way, the people in your network likely have connections to job possibilities.

It seems obvious, but it should not go without saying that Facebook can be a very valuable networking tool. In addition to connecting with friends about your career or expanding your network, you can also join Facebook groups that are specific to your industry and/or location.

Build Your Personal Brand

Facebook is also a great way to support your personal brand or identity as a professional. For instance, if you’re in the tech industry, you can support your professional identity by posting about the latest Big Data tools or advertising tech. Admittedly, these posts won’t get as many like as newborn baby photos, but their cumulative effect does shape how people perceive you as a professional.

Job Search

Launched in 2017, Jobs on Facebook allows users to directly search for job opportunities. The “Jobs” section allows users to search for full-time, part-time, internship, volunteer and contract work. Users can also search based on location and industry.

Boost Your Career Skills With ‘Learn with Facebook’

In 2018, Facebook launched its Learn with Facebook program: a series of “quick, free online courses in digital marketing and career-focused skills, for everyone from jobseekers to professionals.”

Learn with Facebook is designed to give people knowledge to help advance their careers, such as suggestions on building a resume, marketing their work online and interviewing. Some courses are a bit more complex, teaching abilities like coding.

The Facebook for Learn platform currently offers 4 categories and 13 classes all together. These classes last between 6 to 11 minutes each. The company has said it plans to grow its offerings in future.

The programs are designed to be entry level, so users shouldn’t plan on becoming subject matter experts. However, if people do want to keep expanding on skills being taught, the site has links to partner programs for more in-depth training.

Learn with Facebook is just the latest initiative in the company’s on-going foray into the careers sector. In addition to posting job listings and the Learn with Facebook tool, other features include capacity to use Groups to find mentors and Blueprint, which is Facebook’s certification program for its platform tools.

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