The Most Effective Way to Reset Your Professional Goals for 2019

As we kick off 2019, it’s typical to think about the year that’s just passed. When doing this, some people might suddenly realize 2018 was the year they overlooked their career goals.

There are a couple big reasons why this happens. First, it’s easy to concentrate so much on personal things that work takes a back seat. Second, there’s no such thing as a set career path anymore. For most of today’s professionals, it’s up to them to define each step in their career path, and this can be daunting.

For folks that lost their way a bit, resetting career goals ought to be an essential January priority. If they don’t do this, they risk spending another year without direction or focus.

Reset Through Internal Motivation and Passion

The most effective way to reset professional goals is conducting deep, granular reflection on your recent career history.

Think about times you gladly got lost in your job, the sort of challenges you prefer to solve, times when you felt valued, and any accomplishment that were very satisfying. Write these things down, and then look for any themes or patterns that might emerge. The themes you find ought to be explored and expanded on moving forward.

Once you have a sense of what you need to do moving forward, you should inventory your abilities, particularly those which you enjoy using. Develop a ‘preferred skills’ list of abilities or activities you would like to use and do more of in 2019.

Do Your Research

The more you learn, the more straightforward it will be to make career choices and set goals for the coming year. Look at websites in your areas of interest, read publications and speak with both personal and professional contacts. You can often activate your curiosity by learning about the work and accomplishments of people in your network.

After doing research, it’s time to get out there and do some hands-on learning. If possible, arrange for job shadowing opportunities and try to find volunteer work in areas of interest. If you are attending school, unemployed, or working from home, think about a brief, part-time internship. Besides helping with the work of others, shadowing, volunteering and interning are all great ways to get some experience for your resume.

If reaching 2019 career goals call for further education, consider taking online classes to expand your abilities, earning a certificate to boost your value and taking classes at local colleges.

If you decide that taking college classes is the way to go, arrange meetings with college advisors from relevant departments to learn more about how particular programs might work for you. You may determine that you need to earn a degree, and that may seem intimidating. However, the proper support from those around you can make it much, much easier.

Need Help Along Your Career Path?

At NSC, we help people reset and take on new professional goals all the time. If you’re currently looking for career guidance, contact our team of experts today!



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