New Year, New Job!

For New Year’s resolutions, many people vow to lose weight, spend more time with family or take up a hobby. While NSC can’t help much with those resolutions, we can help with another common resolution – getting a new job!

There’s something about turning the calendar to a new year that make us want to start fresh and there’s no reason why you can land a new job in the next 12 months. Consider the following tips if you’re looking to get a jump on your next career opportunity.

Chart your path

Before you set out to land that new job, you need to know what you’re looking for first. Take stock of your abilities, strengths, and passions to determine what type of position you’ll want to find. Don’t assume that just because you’ve worked in a certain job for a while you want the same role for your next position. While you may not be able to get it just yet, this is the time to think about your “dream job” and the you can make it happen.

Next, determine what type of companies you want to target and if you want to remain in the same industry. Create a list of 20 places you want to work at, both now and in the future.

Update your resume and LinkedIn profile

Take a look at your resume and update it as needed. Be sure to highlight your achievements rather than job duties to show potential employers what you could do for them.

Also, update your LinkedIn profile. This profile is probably more crucial than your resume in today’s job market because it’s standard for hiring personnel to discover talent through LinkedIn. Make sure your profile also features your achievements, as well as a professional-quality headshot.

Network, network, network

Once you’ve brought you profile up to date, use LinkedIn to grow your referral network. Connect to as people that you’ve had a working relationship with, including present co-workers, past co-workers, supervisors, colleagues and clients.

Think about getting business cards so you can give them to people as need be. These cards should list multiple ways to contact you, including your cellphone number and a professional-looking email address. Try to find networking events in your industry or area and attend them, These individuals who you might lead you to your dream job opening.

Track your progress

Set up a system to monitor your job search progress, particularly possible job leads. Use the system that works for you, such as a Google spreadsheet or a notepad. Although, you should try to pick a system you can access through your smartphone.

Be interview-ready

While you could hold off on interview prep until you actually get scheduled for an interview, this approach will leave you ill-prepared for times when you meet a potential network connection at an event or out of the blue.

Being interview-ready means being able to talk about your achievements and abilities, including soft skills like leadership and communication abilities.

Ready for a new career?

At NSC, we function as a fantastic resource for people looking to get a new job. Please contact us today to find out how we can help you.


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