Different Types of Jobs You Can Get With Your CDL License


If you like driving large vehicles on the open road and you have a clean driving record, a career as a commercial driver may be for you. These jobs typically require earning a commercial driver’s license (CDL).

Long-haul truck drivers are most commonly associated with a CDL. According to the Truck Driver Institute, these drivers can average 500 miles per day, and log 100,000 to 110,000 miles each year. Local and city drivers, in comparison, cover about 48,000 miles each year.

Before you set out to earn your CDL, you’ll want to ascertain what kind of CDL driver job is best for you. Below is a list of the different kinds of commercial driving jobs available with a CDL, along with average salaries, job outlook and expectations.

Delivery truck driver

Shipping companies like FedEx and UPS employ drivers to move and deliver packages and small shipments. While a CDL license is essential, it also helps to have in-depth knowledge of the area to which you would be delivering.

These drivers operate trucks with a gross vehicle weight (GVW) – the combined weight of the vehicle, riders, and cargo – of 26,000 pounds or less. More often than not, delivery truck drivers move goods from a distribution center to businesses and residences. The job of a delivery truck driver can be physically challenging, as it involves lifting heavy packages and driving for long periods.

These drivers have an average yearly salary of nearly $28,000 and can expect a 4-percent employment growth through 2024; equal to the creation of around 48,000 jobs.

Heavy equipment driver

Heavy equipment drivers move heavy equipment, taking it across town or across the country. These workers driver trucks with a GVW exceeding 26,000 pounds and most jobs do require being on the road for extended periods of time.

Heavy equipment drivers should expect a 5-percent employment growth through 2024; equal to the creation of around 98,800 jobs. With the demand for heavy equipment expected to grow, there will be an increased need for heavy equipment drivers.

Over the Road (OTR) driver

OTR truck drivers typically work jobs than involve being on the road for two to five weeks at a time. These drivers also might drive into Mexico and Canada. OTR truck drivers must maintain mileage logs, abide by local, federal and even international laws that relate to their industry. They must also maintain the safety and performance of their truck. OTR drivers work irregular hours that must adhere to guidelines established by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

OTR drivers can expect and average salary of at least $40,000 and 5-percent employment growth through 2024; equal to the creation of around 98,800 jobs.

At NSC, we regularly work with folks who want to pursue a CDL and those who are looking to get the most out of their specialized driver’s license. If you’re currently interested in career opportunities for commercial truck driving, please contact us today.


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