Inexpensive Ways to Show Your Employees You Appreciate Them


As an employer, your workers are your lifelines. Each employee is a valuable addition to your team and it’s important they feel that way.

Recognition makes people feel good about their job and motivates them to keep up the good work. Positive reinforcement can also set an example for everyone in your organization, showing them the kind of work that is most valued.

It’s easy to say “thank you” or “good job” to recognize exceptional performance or dedication; but there are countless ways to show your support and respect for your employees.

Consider the following inexpensive ways to make your employees feel recognized for the hard work they do.

Lunch with the boss (or top executive)

A lot of companies provide free food to say thanks to top employees, so much so that it can feel a bit cliched. One way to freshen up this tactic is to add a degree of exclusivity: Provide free lunch with the boss or company president.

Let your employees choose the lunch location with their supervisor or a top executive to make them feel more at ease.

Recognize them on social media

Posting the achievements of your employees on social media doesn’t really cost your company anything, and yet doing it can mean a lot to the employee being recognized, especially if your company has a large following and will tag each employee in the photo. Those who are trying to build a large following of social media will find this reward particularly appealing.

Premium parking

Giving a top performer an Employee of the Month parking spot will please even the most cynical of employees. And best of all, it’s a free perk from the company’s point of view.

New office furniture

Most of us consider our desk, chair and other things in our workspace to be an extension of our own body. So, when you upgrade a top employee’s furniture, it can feel like getting a new arm or leg.

Giving new office furniture to a top employee can be an excuse to upgrade them to a standing desk. Many employees want standing desks because of the health risks that come with sitting all day.

More flexible working conditions

Employees want to be able to flex their schedule or work from home occasionally to achieve a better work-life balance. If your concerned about impact of productivity, know that greater flexibility has been shown to boost productivity and employee engagement.

If the nature of someone’s job doesn’t allow for a flexible schedule or telecommuting, they can be given extra vacation time.

At NSC, we support all our clients’ employee recognition and engagement efforts. If your company is currently looking for a supportive staffing partner, please contact us today.





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