The Questions You Must Ask Candidates to Understand Their Value


Individual interview questions can determine a candidate’s, skills, experience, achievements, processes or ways of thinking, but at the end of the day, an interviewer wants to assess how much value each candidate could bring to the table.

The job interview is one of the last opportunities you’ll get to assess an applicant before having to decide on extending an offer. Below are a handful of questions you can ask to determine the value each candidate can bring to a position.

What do you know about us?

The response to this question can reveal a candidate’s amount of preparation for the interview and desire to land the job. If they can give a detailed answer, you know they’ve done their homework. If they didn’t even look at your website, they probably aren’t going to bring much value to your company.

Why do you want this job?

Asking applicants why they want the job is another way to determine if they are truly passionate about the position. Job seekers typically have multiple applications with various companies at any given time, but candidates with significant value ought to be able to talk about why they want to work specifically for you. Prioritize their application if they can translate their abilities and experiences into value for the job and your business.

Talk about your career so far

This allows applicants the opportunity to describe their work and highlight crucial and relevant details for the interview. This response can give you a sense of the value they provided to past employers and what they might be able to offer your company.

Describe a failed project you were a part of

Self-awareness, humility and the ability to learn from mistakes are valuable attributes in any job. The response to this question can help you identify candidates that can admit mistakes and learn from their errors. This question is comparable to the classic “greatest weakness” question, but it is more conversational, which can help you to draw out more information.

What are you looking for in your next job?

Applicants and employers should be looking to find a mutually-beneficial relationship. When a job seeker finds a job that meets their professional needs, they are more likely to provide significant value in return. This question gets to the bottom of whether a candidate is a good match for your open position.

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