Do Employers Still Expect ‘Thank You’ Notes After Interviews?


You’ve probably heard that it’s a good idea to send a ‘thank you’ note after a job interview. However, in this age of information overload, is this really necessary? The answer is, yes.

Following up with a thank-you note after an interview ought to be a standard part of any job-hunting strategy. It can add another positive impression to an already positive rapport, or it can address minor shortcomings. Hiring managers often say that a thank-you note makes the difference in their hiring decisions.

Don’t dismiss the idea of a thank-you note because you think it’s something everybody else does. Three out of four job seekers don’t send a follow-up thank-you note after an interview, according to a recent survey of hiring managers. The same survey revealed just 24 percent of hiring managers get thank-you notes from candidates, and yet 80 percent of those same respondents said thank-you notes are quite useful for the hiring process.

Read below to find out how to effectively say “thank you” to a hiring manager who took time out of his or her day to interview you.

Sending a thank-you email

Email is the most appropriate way to send a thank-you note after an interview, according to an overwhelming majority of hiring managers.

Before sending a thank-you email, recall how the company has been contacting you. If you have been communicating via email throughout the entire process, go ahead and send an email thank-you note within 24 hours of the interview. This is the quickest approach to keeping your name top of mind with your interviewer.

Sending a thank-you letter

If the company has been communicating with you over the phone and in-person, not email, sending a note in the mail could be a better option. It also makes more sense if the company is traditional in their ways.

While a handwritten note has a certain personal touch, a typed note is the standard, as it demonstrates your capacity to communicate professionally. A typed note should use a formal, professional format and your signature.

Handwritten notes are suitable if you want to extend personal gratitude to various people who went above-and-beyond to help you out. For instance, if a professional connection went out of their way to recommend you for the position, then a handwritten note is a nice touch to show your gratitude.

What to say

Regardless of what format you choose, your note needs to include several key items. Obviously, it should thank the person for their time, courtesy and consideration, but it should also reiterate your interest and what you could bring to the position.

If you had any minor missteps in the interview, you can address them, but do so in a way that doesn’t seem defensive or apologetic. For instance, you could say that while you don’t have the exact experience listed in the job description, you do have very similar experience, and this could help bring a unique perspective to the position.

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