Do You Recognize Your Best Drivers?

Do You Recognize Your Best Drivers?

One of the essential ingredients to a fostering a culture of engaged employees is recognizing great employees.

The typical driver come to work wanting to do a good job, but they still need to be occasionally acknowledged for their efforts. This ought to be naturally integrated into the way that management interacts with staff members. Recognition starts with setting expectations, is followed by providing direction and ends with formally acknowledging and rewarding good work.

There aren’t many things that are more discouraging to a driver than working hard and not being acknowledged. Sometimes a simple ‘thank you’ is enough and sometime a performance calls for something more substantial.

Drivers will stick with companies that show appreciation for their hard work. Overlook your top drivers and they will find another company that values what they do.

Saying “thank you”

Some supervisors feel that recognition must be formal, however, a simple written or verbal thank you for a job well done goes a long way. Have a stack of note cards in your office for when you would like to give a personal thank-you note.

Use meetings to publicly recognize someone who just finished a major project or hit a major milestone.  A few words of appreciation in front of a driver’s peers make that person feel good and can fan the flames of healthy competition.

Show appreciation with substance

Sometimes, just saying “thank you” isn’t enough. A flexible work schedule is something that many workers want, but not everyone can get. If possible, recognize your top drivers by allowing for a high degree of flexibility in their schedule.

Top drivers should also be eligible for higher pay. A structured performance management system can integrate performance appraisals into the compensation system.

Career opportunities

For ambitious drivers, career development opportunities are more desirable than a few extra bucks in their pocket or a better schedule. Those with an interest in continuing their education could be given the chance to take classes that will boost their skills. Those who want to climb the corporate ladder should be given the chance to take on more important responsibilities and job duties with high visibility.

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