Should I Take This Driving Job?

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Trying to find a job can be annoying and slow-moving. There are only so many jobs you can submit an application for and interviews seemingly pop up randomly. So, when a job offer does come your way, it can be tempting to jump on it right away.

However, the application process should be a two-way street and at the end of it, you may have serious doubts about a job opportunity you once thought would be perfect. Accepting a job offer is a serious decision and there are numerous things you should think about before making a decision.

Do you need money ASAP?

While taking a job just for the paycheck usually isn’t advisable, if you must bring in a paycheck at the moment to be able to fulfill your financial obligations, you may have to take anything that comes along. You don’t have the luxury of passing on a job that seems annoying or demanding. However, if you do have your financial bases covered, you can be a bit more discerning.

Does it fit your career path?

You need to consider if the job will allow you to satisfy your career goals. Careers are path-dependent and each job you take affects the next group of opportunities. Some opportunities might come from inside the company you work for and others might come from the experience and abilities you sharpen in the position. Finally, a driving job can expose you to other career possibilities based on the people you meet.

Are you and the job/company a good fit?

Ask yourself if everything you’ve learned about the position and the company fits with your professional values. For example, if you value independence and flexibility, then being part of a massive business with a strict hierarchy may feel restrictive.

Of course, there’s no such thing as a perfect work situation, but  there are situations that can become a drain on your inspiration and energy.

Are there personal costs involved?

In the midst of a job search, your predominant objective is to get a job, so that may seem like the one thing that matters. Once you have an offer, though, many other priorities begin to come into focus again.

Consider how this driving job will integrate into your life. Talk with those who know you well and ask them to help you assess the trade-offs. Also, talk with family members, too. They may be affected by any trade-offs associated with a particular driving job.

What does your gut say?

When making a decision about a job offer, you’re probably going to concentrate on the job duties, pay, and opportunities for advancement. You’ll also probably have a gut feeling about whether this is the job for you, and you have to pay attention to what your gut tells you. You may end up regretting it if you don’t.

At NSC Technologies, we help truck drivers find job opportunities that best suit their needs. Please contact us today to find out how we can help you.


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