Build These 5 Skills to Keep Your Career Relevant

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Odds are your job description has shifted within the last five years. Or perhaps the position you have didn’t even exist until recently. The workplace will continue to evolve as a result of technology, the economy, the environment and politics.

The changing workplace is creating a skills gap, with a big group of jobs that require just a few high-level abilities, and highly-technical professionals will continue to be in-demand because of the constant need for individuals with the most up-to-date skill set. There are also many jobs that will become outdated down the road as a result of automation. Professionals looking to remain relevant for years to come should think about building the following career skills.

Brand building

Achieving success means distinguishing yourself by cultivating an individual brand, which says who you are and where you are going. Building a personal brand calls for building a reputation, earning trust and growing a ‘following’, either online or in real life. The identity you project is crucial for connecting with the best opportunities for you and for earning confidence from others.

Make certain your online presence seems as professional, slick, and suitable for any organization you are curious about working for, both now or  in the future.

Continuing digital literacy

Technology is not disappearing any time soon and it affects every industry. The capacity to embrace technology and machines is simply about getting stuff done; understanding the tools and the way to use them. It’s also about understanding which tool to use in what scenario. This can be done either by gaining new knowledge, or by working together with people or machines that have what you don’t.

Network building

As the economy moves toward gig work and crowdsourcing, having a personal network becomes integral. Developing a career and maintaining financial security in this ecosystem means being able to tap into a personal network for new jobs or paying gigs.

Knowing this and investing time in cultivating your network will help open possibilities when it’s time for a career change.


Flexibility and a willingness to develop new skills will help you succeed in the job market. Versatility will allow you to identify and seize growth opportunities that are essential to a healthy career. Growth opportunities may be in a different role or project and not necessarily moving to a more prestigious position. Sometimes stepping sideways to learn a new skill can allow you to move up again.


In your private life, durability is frequently associated with overcoming difficulties and obstacles. In a professional setting, however, resilience makes it possible to overcome lasting obstacles.

Among the best ways to build resilience is to concentrate on keeping away from negativity or preventing negativity from having overwhelming influence on the positive aspects in any given scenario. Surround yourself with resilient men and women for support and advice. Resilient people have a tendency to inspire and build up durability in others.

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  1. Paul, I am very proud of you for adding this article!! These are very true for people that have great intentions to move up with the help of someone that takes the time to help calibrate these individuals! This is an awesome article!! Thank you for sharing!! Keep doing what you are doing by making others seeing their capabilities and skills by helping them in seeing their skills, trusting, and moving forward with a more positive attitudes!

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