Summer Safety Commercial Driving Tips


Whether you have recently finished driving school or are an experienced driver, the heat out on the road will affect you and your truck.

You should always take measures to defeat the heat throughout the summer months. The following summer safety driving tips can help keep you safe and comfortable until the cooler fall weather arrives.

Stay hydrated

It’s easy to forget about drinking plenty of water while on the road, but it is crucial to stay properly hydrated – especially during the hottest time of the year.

Having several bottles of water alongside you while you’re driving will function as a consistent reminder and make it easy for you to stay hydrated throughout the day. It’s also a good idea to limit your intake of caffeine, which can have a dehydrating effect.

Maintain proper tire pressure

In the summer heat, the possibility of tire blowouts rises. Under-inflated tires can boost the chance for blowouts, so you’ll want to ensure your tires are correctly inflated anytime you’re about to set out on the road.

Check brakes often

Truck brakes can lose friction when it’s hot due to a phenomenon known as “brake fade”. Brake fluid warms up when you use the braking system, but in high temperatures, the fluid can occasionally overheat to the point of boiling, resulting in a loss of brake power. To help avoid this, examine your brakes often along with brake pads to make certain they are in good condition and brake fluid for pollutants. When driving down a long descent, think about downshifting to relieve the load on the brakes.

Check your engine regularly

Truck engines can be severely affected by heat. It’s important to check engine coolant levels as low levels may result in your engine overheating. Ensure engine oil is at a good level mainly because it lubricates engine components but in addition helps amazing the motor. Keep an eye on coolant gauges and in case they go above normal levels, stop and find out the problem before an engine failure happens.

Be aware of summer traffic

Roads have a tendency to be more congested throughout the summer months with people taking vacations and more time off work. High traffic volume means more dangers for truck drivers, so you’ll want to be more alert and conscious of other motor vehicles on the road. You should also be mentally prepared to deal with higher traffic volumes.

Safeguard yourself from the summer sun

Spending many hours each day on the road means a great deal of sun exposure. In the past, “trucker’s tan” might have been a badge of honor among drivers, but now it’s considered a potential precursor of skin cancer.

Sunscreen, long sleeves and a hat can help protect you from the many impacts of the summer sun.

At NSC, we always have the safety of truck drivers in mind. If you’re currently looking for your next driving opportunity, please contact us today.


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