What to Do When You Experience Career Burnout?

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Job burnout is one thing: We’ve all been at a job we hate but know this is still the right career.

However, career burnout is a completely different animal. When you’re feeling burned out on your career, you’re thinking about going back to school or maybe going back to that fun job you had delivering pizzas over the summer.

Whether or not you ultimately end up changing careers, it’s important to address feelings of burnout right away. Clearly, something isn’t going right and it’s important to figure out what that something is. It could be you’re working extremely hard, to the point of exhaustion. Or, perhaps you’re not being challenged enough by your current job. Or, maybe your contributions haven’t been acknowledged in a long, long time.

Each cause of burnout requires a different kind of solution.

Burnout by too much work

Getting overwhelmed by too much work can creep up on you. At first, you’re picking up overtime and putting in extra effort to impress the boss. Then, before you know it, you can’t sleep at night and you’re getting into arguments with loved ones over nothing.

If you think feelings of career burnout are coming from too much work, find ways to de-stress as soon as possible. Taking a vacation, getting a massage, doing a creative project, joining a sports league or making time for regular meditation are all great ways to de-stress and hit the reset button on your career outlook.

Burnout by not being challenged

If you’re feeling career burnout because you’re stuck in an unchallenging job, it’s not the end of the world and it shouldn’t be the end of this career path. You simply need to refocus your efforts with a bit of self-reflection.

First, figure out the part of your job that you actually like. Second, identify out what your successes have been in this job. Third, seek advice from others on your strengths and passions. Finally, you should put together a plan based on what you have found, which may or may not include switching careers.

Burnout through underappreciation

When you feel underappreciated at work, you might fantasize about quitting “just to show them” or you think about changing careers because “it’s this bad everywhere in this industry.”

However, an unappreciative and possibly toxic workplace shouldn’t deter you from a career path that you’ve already put so much work into. Also, it’s up to you to find a way forward, since the people at your job probably aren’t going to be of much help.

In this situation, it’s important to reconnect with the passion that took you down this career path. Explain your situation to a trusted confidant and try to use that conversation to hash out possible moves. Once you have solid options is front of you, assess each one for feasibility and personal satisfaction.

Not only can this exercise give you options, it can also rejuvenate your mindset with a little positive energy.

At NSC Technologies, we regularly assist hardworking professionals who are feeling frustrated with their job situation. If you’re currently looking for a new job option, please contact us today.


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