National Safety Month: How to Create an Employee Wellness Program That Works

National Safety Month


Many companies are seeing employee wellness programs not just as a nice thing to do, but also as a tool to recruit top talent, minimize turnover, improve attendance and provide a whole host of other benefits.

The degree to which businesses provide employee wellness initiatives falls on a wide range. Some companies run contests and hold wellness meetings, while others offer basics like gym membership discounts.

The best employee wellness program for your organization should be one that is specifically tailored to both employees and the company as a whole. For instance, organizations with an older workforce may want to place an emphasis on preventative measures, while companies with a younger workforce may want to find ways to leverage social media.

Low overhead

Some businesses may be reluctant to offer a wellness program because of the additional admin it might cause. However, a wellness program doesn’t have to trigger more stress, which would undermine the reason for a wellness program. With the huge quantity of reputable health information online, and the emergence of businesses solely committed to worker health, wellness programs are simpler to manage than in the past.

Many businesses don’t even have one specific person taking care of their wellness program, as wellness programs can readily be handled by a committee, or even included with HR duties.

Health benefits for everyone

A common misconception about wellness programs is they only benefit individuals who already have good health habits. However, wellness that confronts health on several fronts can be incredibly inclusive.

Inclusive programs tackle health aspects such as sleep hygiene, mental health and financial well-being. They can also include all kinds of people. All programs confront the health challenges of their staff members and some have even extended into the home and an attempt to impact the health of loved ones.

Embrace technology

Many employee wellness programs have incorporated with online programs to give workers access to health information around the clock. Programs can also utilize popular devices to help gather and track wellness information, possibly using wearable devices. As staff members keep track of their activity with gadgets like Fitbit or the Apple Watch, they can gain points for their progress and earn incentives.

Embrace flexibility

The entire notion of wellness is very flexible because its meaning is based on context. That being said, wellness programs need to be based in reliable health research and properly incorporated into with your particular business culture.

Regularly collaborating with workers to learn what wellness goals they value is a fantastic way to include flexibility and customization. It can also lead to the discovery of new wellness activities your workers want to do.

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