Do These 5 Things to Stand Out at Your New Job



During the first week or so at a new job, it’s easy to stand out. You’re the new guy or girl that people want to meet.

After that initial honeymoon phase, however, it is very easy to start blending in with the other employees. Of course, doing an excellent job can make you stand out, but that’s hard to do right away. You’re going to make mistakes as a newbie, making it tough to stand out from more experienced employees.

Focusing on your soft skills, also known as people skills, is a very effective approach to standing out in an unfamiliar new workplace. Consider the following tips below.

Have confidence

When you’re new, you don’t know the ropes and don’t really know the people around you. This situation can be intimidating and it can lead to a loss of confidence in your abilities. Be confident: you beat out several other candidates to get the job. The company chose you over other people. Remember, being confident means not apologizing for everything and not beating yourself up when you make a mistake.

Figure out the culture

Spend some time getting familiar with the work culture of your new company. Go out of your way to meet your coworkers and ask them questions about their methods, how new ideas are received, employee recognition programs and how often tools and software are upgraded. These questions can provide you with a good sense of how the business handles individual contributions and change.

Form alliances

If you watch the reality TV show Survivor, you know that individual success in a group often depends on alliances. The typical workplace isn’t as cutthroat as Survivor (hopefully) but forming alliances in the workplace can still be quite useful. Finding a ‘work buddy’ or two can help you navigate office politics, avoid newbie mistakes and find the resources you need to do a good job.

Show dedication

When confronted with difficulties and problems, you have two choices: Give up, or dig in. If you want to stand out at your new workplace, you have to persevere and find solutions to tough problems. Try many different approaches to fix a problem and think about enlisting help from others. Change your problem into a question, ask around, pay attention to the answers you get and carefully consider each one. When you show drive and curiosity, others will respect you for giving your all.

Keep calm and carry on

Nerve-racking situations are unavoidable at a new job and dealing with them calls for careful consideration. Allow yourself some time to react calmly by stepping back and thinking about a stressful situation. Associate with positive people who are cool under strain, and inside and outside the office, and emulate their behavior.

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