Improve Retention by Improving Your Candidate Experience

Improve Your Candidate Experience


Research has shown that employees who make it past three or four months with a new employer tend to stick with that employers for several years. The key takeaway is employers must provide new hires with a great experience, and that starts before these folks are even hired.

Fortunately, there are many ways a company can enhance its applicant experience. One approach is to leverage HR technology that streamlines the hiring process and increases transparency.

Also, the candidate experience doesn’t end when a job offer is accepted. Because the first few months are when employees tend to leave a company, employers need to treat new hires as if they are still candidates and provide them with a helpful on-boarding program.

A smooth application

A candidate’s experience with a hiring process can turn negative the second they start an online application. Talented job seekers will often opt out before they even submit a resume and cover letter because of a lengthy application form.

While you need to get as much information as possible out of an applicant to make an informed screening decision, the application should be made with the job-seeker in mind. Shortening an application form, optimizing for mobile and allowing fast applications through a profile system can do wonders for holding onto applicant who would otherwise be turned off.

More transparency

Many companies expect applicants to be ready for each step throughout the process. It is helpful for everyone if the company lets job seekers know what to expect and give them strategies to prepare. The more transparent a company is on the basics of the process, the more all parties can focus on a potential fit with the business.

It’s also important to keep candidates in the loop during a hiring process. Unfortunately, many businesses fall short. Surveys show job seekers normally get zero contact from a company besides the initial automated response that says an application was received. When job seekers are left hanging, it hurts the chances they will apply for a different position down the road. Neglected applicants could also let family and friends know about the experience, which damages the company brand.

Thorough on-boarding

Putting new hires into a sink-or-swim situation can cause resentment toward the business for not supplying the resources needed to succeed and increase the odds of an early burnout.

A robust on-boarding program ought to include 30-day goals for new staff members that set reasonable expectations, like going to meeting where they get to know the business or completing a small work-related project.

Good employees will appreciate regular check-ins so that they know expectations and can be sure they’re meeting them. By setting expectations, along with being honest and transparent, each applicant will truly think that they are at the right business and consequently, will want to do their best.

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