5 Ways to Hire an Outstanding Office Manager

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Hiring a hardworking, talented individual to run your office is no simple task. Before you even put up a job posting, you need to decide what this person’s specific role will be – a team builder, supervisor or both.

Once you have determined the specific role, you need to identify a candidate who is best suited to fill it. Consider the following approaches to identifying that person.

Look for a ‘generalist’

The office manager dons many hats in the course of any given day. They may be mediating a disagreement, making arrangements with clients or reviewing the most recent budget. An outstanding office manager has a background in various areas of administration, including human resources, budgeting and customer service.

A great office manager should know the way your type of company works, whether it’s a medical office or a warehouse operation.

Look for a coach

Effective office managers are capable of effectively connecting team goals and expectations to the individual members of their team. They must also be capable of coaching up poorly performing staff members.

Focusing on candidates with a track record of mentoring others can help you identify an outstanding office manager.

Look for someone who craves structure

Above all else, an office manager provides structure to their team members. Given the varied nature of the job, maintaining structure can be difficult.

The way information is laid out in a candidate’s resume can tell you a lot about their organizational skills. If the resume is easy to read and the information flows naturally, it’s a good bet the candidate cares a lot about the way things are structured. Interview questions that focus on past organization-based responsibilities can also be quite useful.

Look for a good communicator

It can’t be overstated how much interpersonal relationships are based on good communication. Because an office manager acts as a liaison between upper management and office workers, a good communicator will act as a glue that keeps everyone on the same page.

Good communicators can convey information clearly in written and verbal forms. Candidates with good communication skills will be easy to understand on their application materials, over the phone and in person.

Look for someone with composure

Most workplaces are hectic, and an outstanding office manager will be unflappable in the face of chaos. In particular, you want to find someone who can remain calm and composed during heated conflicts. Interview questions that focus on past conflict resolutions can be used to identify candidates with composure.

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