How to Build Your Confidence Before Going Into Your Next Interview



When you walk into a job interview, you know you’re up against other candidates, and your chances of success largely hinge on your performance. Given these stakes, it’s perfectly natural to feel anxious before a job interview.

Unfortunately, normal nervousness about a job interview can be seen as a lack of confidence in the ability to do the job. Therefore, it’s essential to build up your confidence ahead of a job interview. Below are a few tips on how to keep a lid on interview nerves by building up your confidence.

Ignorance Is Bliss

In a famous study on confidence, researchers wanted to find out why someone with very little experience might walk into a situation more confident than someone with a lot of experience. The researchers found those with little-to-no experience didn’t know which mistakes they should avoid and therefore weren’t in danger of overthinking. On the other hand, experienced professionals know what a perfect interview looks like and hold themselves up to this ideal standard.

Experienced professionals are also at a disadvantage in an interview if they have deep, ingrained knowledge about the job. Because everything about the job comes naturally to them and they are operating at a ‘next level,’ they can have trouble explaining what they do in basic terms.

Simply put, sometimes ignorance is bliss when it comes to a job interview.

Remember Your Value

Once you realize overthinking can be the enemy, you can start focusing on what matters: A prospective employer has brought you in for an interview because they see your value, and it’s important you recognize your value, as well.

Remind yourself how much value you can add just by applying your skills and experience. Don’t compare yourself to top performers in your field; just the average person off the street.

After those thought exercises, draw up a list of projects you’ve completed and your biggest achievements. Not only can you run down this list in your interview, writing it down can also help you visualize your biggest successes at work, which will help you feel more confident.

Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

In addition to getting you ready for interview questions that might come your way, preparation can go a long way to easing pre-interview jitters. Your preparation should include developing anecdotes that showcase your skills. These stories should be put together in language and terms that could easily be understood by someone without detailed knowledge of your profession.

Obviously, your interview prep should also include getting ready for standard interview questions. If you can walk into an interview knowing these stories and responses, it gets rid of a lot of the uncertainty surrounding the situation, which can have an incredible calming effect.

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