More Women in Skilled Trades is Good for Business

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While a lot of media attention has been given to the advancement of women in the entertainment business, that isn’t the only field where women are starting to have a greater impact.

Women are starting to have a much bigger impact in the skilled trades and are expected to enjoy a crucial role in the future of blue collar America. Companies also stand to benefit from more women choosing a career in the trades.

Narrowing the skills gap

With the labor market currently as tight as it is, employers are having a tough time staffing their open positions. Even before the recent drop in the unemployment rate, companies were having a hard time hiring skilled tradespeople.

According to the Society for Human Resource Management, 60 percent of jobs in manufacturing are going unfilled due to the current skills gap. If this trend proceeds along its current path, greater than six million jobs might be unfilled by the end of the decade.

Skilled trade jobs will be especially difficult to fill due to the specialized training they require. Furthermore, trade work is becoming increasingly intricate and must satisfy ever-changing government standards.

By facilitating more women in the skilled trades, businesses are tapping into a new source of potential talent that can help close the skills gap.

Greater diversity

Companies are guided by federal laws to maintain a certain level of diversity in their ranks, but diversity isn’t just something companies should embrace so they don’t run afoul of the law. Study after study shows that more diverse workforces tend to be more productive and more innovative.

Higher customer satisfaction

The skilled trades often require designing and creating. When women have more of a say in those company processes, they can approach them from the mindset of a female end-user. Also, women overwhelmingly make more family purchasing decisions than men. Simply put, women know what women want and they’re more likely to know what families want.

Having more female tradespeople in your company, therefore, can lead to higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Eliminating organizational gender bias

Difficult to prove, gender bias can have a significant negative impact on all aspects of a company. Women working in the trades goes against tradition and because of this, very talented women are often viewed with much skepticism.

The idea that a women can’t do as good a job as a man can work its way into a company’s mentality, affecting everything from hiring decisions to decisions on pay. When there are more women in a company and more women in positions of power, it makes it much less likely this kind of gender bias will seep in.

At NSC Technologies, we’re very experienced when it comes to connecting women and men with job opportunities in the skilled trades.  If you are currently looking to become a tradesperson or want to take the next step in your career, please contact us today.


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