What Makes the Best Employees Leave Great Companies?

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Turnover has always been a challenge for companies, but with a tight labor market and the modern workplace becoming increasingly collaborative – attrition has become more of a concern than ever.

In “bad” companies, people leave for obvious reasons: Maybe they don’t feel trusted, they have a bad boss or they aren’t getting paid the industry average. However, people often leave great companies and the reasons why are much less clear.

An employer might provide a fun working environment and decent pay, but that’s not going to be enough to keep everyone from leaving.

Personal reasons

Let’s get this out of the way. Sometimes people leave for reasons that have nothing to do with the company. Some people leave to start a family, open a business they’ve been dreaming about for year, go back to school or take care of a sick loved one.

There’s no way a company is going to keep people from leaving for personal reasons. The only thing to do here is simply wish them well.

Personal reflection

Sometimes, people will leave a great company and a good job because they don’t like where their life is at. They might see loved ones landing great jobs or living a comfortable lifestyle and ask themselves why they can’t have the same thing.

According to research by CEB, a best-practice insight and technology company, people are more likely to leave a company during times of self-reflection. Events like work anniversaries, birthdays and reunions were all found to increase job hunting activity by 9 percent, 12 percent and 16 percent respectively.

While a great company does have some control over how satisfied top employees are with their status in life, it does not have complete control. Therefore, people will leave if they think they need to move onto something else.

Lack of purpose

Some companies do a great job of making employees feel appreciated and supported at work. However, good employees will still leave if they think the work they do doesn’t hold much meaning.

Good employees need to feel like the work they are doing is important, either for them personally or for the greater community.

Lack of employee investment

Great employees will also leave a good company if they think they are at a dead-end career-wise. Employers can address this cause by making good employees feel like they have a long and prosperous road ahead of them if they stick with the company.

Part of investing in employees is having a solid mentorship program. Good mentorship programs are more than just pairing an experienced employee with a new hire. A good program is constantly focused on teaching new skills and exchanging ideas. A good program should also be founded heavily on employee input.

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