What Other Skills Do You Need Besides a Clean Driving Record?

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According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, commercial truck driving is among the fastest-growing occupations, with employers posting thousands of job openings annually. That’s not surprising given that almost 70 percent of inland freight is transported by truck, based on data from the American Trucking Association (ATA).

Truck driver jobs differ significantly in terms of earnings, work hours, the amount of nights on the road and the quality of equipment used. Therefore, if you’re currently considering a career as a truck driver, it’s important to research options before deciding if this is the career for you.

If you do want to pursue a career as a truck driver, you’ll have little trouble finding work as there is currently a lack of qualified truck drivers. The driver shortage is currently pegged at around 48,000 and reports indicate the shortage may exacerbate to 170,000 vacancies by 2025.

Most people realize that a clean driving record is key requirement to becoming a truck driver. However, there are other skills that are vital to success in this industry.

Mechanical ability

A truck driver ought to have basic understanding of how a truck functions and be capable of carrying out repairs as necessary, like changing a blown tire. Truck drivers should also understand the periodic maintenance their truck requires and be capable of performing that maintenance.


Truck drivers usually spend extended periods of time by themselves with little supervision. Therefore, you should be capable of handling the responsibility of safely driving the truck, meeting delivery dates, delivering goods intact, maintaining the truck and taking care of yourself on the road.

Able to handle stress

A truck driver ought to be capable of managing mental and physical stress, as the job can be highly stressful. They should also recognize the stress a truck driving career can put on a family since the job calls for extended periods of being on the road.

Also, unloading and loading freight can be physically demanding and can place a lot of stress on the human body.

Customer-service ability

A truck driver should have superb customer service skills when dealing with clients. At the end of a delivery, both the shipper and consignee should be satisfied with the experience. This isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s also job security as truck drivers with poor customer service abilities quickly become unpopular.

Comfortable with financial transactions

A driver who completes a transaction by sending in completed paperwork helps their employer receive payment promptly and ensures the flow of business is uninterrupted. Accuracy is crucial to the completion of a transaction. Understanding of how business transactions work will get a driver you more miles, and more money.

At NSC Technologies, we help truck drivers at every career stage take the next step on their career path. If you’re curious about the kind of job opportunities that are currently available for a truck driver, please contact us today.


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