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It’s December and that means everyone is rolling out their Year in Review material, including us! So, sit back and enjoy some of our best blog posts from 2017.

Seven Stupid Reasons Good Employees Get Fired

It’s true: Even the most productive, hardest-working employees can get fired. When this happens, it’s usually for a dumb reason.

Bad behavior on social media, a constantly negative attitude, becoming a lone wolf, constant tardiness, disobedience, low effort and unprofessional behavior can all result in a pink slip for any employee, regardless of how effective they are. Avoid making these dumb mistakes and let your work speak for itself!

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Three Interview Questions You Just Can’t Ask

There are laws against making employment decisions based on race, age, nationality, disability or gender. That means interviewers need to steer clear of questions that might cause a candidate to talk about one of these protected classes.

Avoiding these questions is easier said than done. Some questions seem innocent on the surface, but lead a candidate into touchy subject. For instance, “When did you graduate from high school?”, might seem like fair game, but asking it will probably give away the person’s age, and that could theoretically  factor into a hiring decision.

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Why It’s Important to Keep Your Personal Life and Professional Life Separate Online

Keeping your personal and professional lives separate used to be simple. But now, with social media, keeping that separation is harder than ever.  However it is still possible.

For starters, you should avoid connecting with work colleagues with your personal social media profiles. You should also prevent Facebook friends from tagging you in their photos, especially if those pictures are of you acting unprofessionally.

One effective way to keep your personal and professional lives separate is to use an alternative name for your social media profile, such as your first and middle names. By using an alternative name, you become a lot harder to find through internet searches.

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Four Ways Great Leaders Inspire Their Employees Every Day

Leaders are responsible for guiding their team to success.

However, successful leadership doesn’t occur with a snap of the fingers; it’s a daily routine, which can exhaust even the most determined employees. To keep their team inspired, great leaders work to connect with their employees, communicate effectively, motivate their team and inspire them.

If you want to lead your team to success, you need to get to know each team member, how they think and what about their job they find most challenging. Good leaders also draw out excellence from their team by understanding what can be achieved and encouraging their people to reach their potential.

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Four Questions You Need to Ask at the End of Every Interview

When an interviewer asks, “Do you have any questions for me?” you need to ask questions that both provide useful information and show your interviewer that you know your stuff.

Asking your interview about the challenges they face, their biggest achievement on the job, why they wanted to work for the company in the first place and the most influential employee in the company are all ways you can get good information and impress your interviewer at the same time.

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And there you have it! Be sure to stick with NSC Technologies in 2018 for the latest industry news and job search advice!


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