Four Questions You Need to Ask at the End of Every Interview

Four Questions You Need to Ask at the End of Every Interview


Every job interview is a two-way street.

The person being interviewed ought to be evaluating the company just as much as they’re being considered for the job, as both parties should leave the interview convinced on whether the job would be a fantastic fit or not.

Therefore, when the interviewer inevitably asks, “Do you have any questions for me?” you should use this opportunity to your advantage.

Below are four ways you can do just that.

“What makes your job hard?”

Everybody encounters challenges in their job; it’s a given. Therefore, this is a pretty normal question to ask, and it’s not going to bring the interview to an awkward stop. That being said, interviewers often concentrate on the positives and may be thrown a bit by having to switch gears and talk about less pleasant matters.

Asking about a challenge the hiring manager is facing provides you with clues about the organizational framework and resources that are set up to help people resolve issues and do their job.

Simply put, this question may allow you to spot a few organizational red flags.

What was your biggest achievement here?

This question is the flip side of the one above. In much the same way you want to get more information around the challenges that exist, it’s also great to find out what really drives your potential colleagues and supervisor. Ideally, this question will reveal both the organization’s values and scope of its achievements.

Furthermore, because most people like talking up their positive results, it’ll keep the conversation moving in a positive direction, which is always a good thing during an interview.

Why did you apply to this company?

First and foremost, this question creates an instant bond with your interviewer: They were once in your shoes.

This question also looks at how your interviewer interprets the company’s brand and mission, as well as how the mission affects their work every day. It also gives some insight into the interviewers thought process with regard to the role.

Can you describe the most successful and influential employee here?

Many people want mentors or at least role models at a new employer to look to and emulate. This question provides you with a feeling of the  kind of leaders at the business, along with the abilities, experiences, or knowledge that others see as useful.

More simply, it will also allow you to decide if you’re a solid fit for the position. As soon as the interviewer describes the company’s top employee, you can imagine that person and figure out if he or she is like you.

This question reveals that you care about what it takes to stand out at this company, and shows you’re serious about getting the job.

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