What Employees Need From Management to Succeed

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According to research, the average employee doesn’t require a lot from management in order to do his or her job effectively. However, the things that employees do need are absolutely essential. Most employees require the same basic things from management: transparency, engagement, recognition and opportunity. This isn’t a lot to ask for and offering all… Read more »

What to Do When You Experience Career Burnout?

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Job burnout is one thing: We’ve all been at a job we hate but know this is still the right career. However, career burnout is a completely different animal. When you’re feeling burned out on your career, you’re thinking about going back to school or maybe going back to that fun job you had delivering… Read more »

5 Ways to Hire an Outstanding Office Manager

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  Hiring a hardworking, talented individual to run your office is no simple task. Before you even put up a job posting, you need to decide what this person’s specific role will be – a team builder, supervisor or both. Once you have determined the specific role, you need to identify a candidate who is… Read more »

Why Having Fun at Work Is Good for Business

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  According to the American Institute of Stress, work is the reason for 46 percent of all stress reported by adults in the U.S., but the level of work stress varies significantly based on job title and location. In addition to being troubling on a personal level, stress can also have an adverse effect on… Read more »

Why It’s Important to Keep Your Personal Life and Professional Life Separate Online

Personal Life and Professional Life

  The online and “real life” worlds have been increasingly combined, and that’s often not a good thing for people looking to keep a clear divide between professional and personal lives. When your personal and work worlds collide, it can affect how you are seen at work by colleagues, how your supervisor treats you and… Read more »

NSC Technologies Acquires Superior Resource Group: Expanding Service Lines and Capabilities Nationwide

  NSC Technologies is pleased to announce that it has acquired Superior Resource Group. June 30, 2017 – White Wolf Capital LLC (“White Wolf”) is pleased to announce that NSC Technologies, LLC (“NSC”) has acquired Superior Resource Group, Inc. (“SRG”).  White Wolf recapitalized NSC, in partnership with NSC’s management team, in November 2016.  The acquisition… Read more »

National Safety Month: The 10 Most Common Disabling Workplace Injuries and How Much They’ll Cost You

Workplace Injuries

  Nobody wants to see workplace injuries. In addition to the personal pain and suffering, injuries also cost businesses a lot of money. According to a recent annual report by Liberty Mutual, the most debilitating workplace injuries cost American businesses nearly $60 billion a year, which is roughly $1.15 billion per week. To reach its… Read more »

Happy International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is a great opportunity to celebrate the many career options available to women today. Doors are opening in every sector of our economy, and the increasing number of women who are launching careers in the skilled trades is a sign of this progress. Opportunities are on the rise for women who want… Read more »

TCC Partners with Virginia Ship Repair Association in Marine Welding

Originally posted by Tidewater Community College, January 30, 2017 A new partnership between Tidewater Community College and the Virginia Ship Repair Association (VSRA) offers marine welding training for students seeking employment in one of the hottest fields around. TCC will graduate its first class as part of the VSRA Pre-Hire Marine Skills Training Program on… Read more »

5 Resolutions to Make for Your Business Right Now

It’s almost the New Year and that means it’s time for resolutions! While personal resolutions might mean trying to lose weight or reduce debt, business resolutions are very different. The switch over to a new year is a good time for companies to take stock of what worked over the past 12 months, and double… Read more »