How to Keep Top Talent from Jumping Ship

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You may not realize a top employee is unhappy until they put in their two-weeks notice; suddenly you have to scramble to find a replacement or put together a hefty compensation package to keep them around a while longer. Avoid this situation and save some money by connecting with your top employees in a way… Read more »

Crafting a Good Entry-Level Resume

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Many entry-level job seekers can have a tough time when it comes to writing out a resume. Sure, you would like to have a list of acquired skills and a robust employment history to fill out that intimidating 8” x 11.5” of real estate, but you can’t just conjure those things out of mid-air. The best… Read more »

The HR Corner

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  Not only does NSC offer competitive salaries, we offer a range of essential benefits:   • Employees can choose from a lineup of benefits. Not only does the company offer the Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) plan, we offer a comprehensive major medical plan and dental coverage. • A defined contribution plan is the main… Read more »