Make the Most of Your Welding Career as a Shipfitter

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Shipfitters convert blueprints into seaworthy vessels using a wide range of skills. These workers build both small- and large-scale vessels, and often are responsible for making repairs. Many shipfitters specialize by focusing on pipefitting or welding. In addition to having expert building skills, shipfitters must have the mental and physical fitness necessary to work in… Read more »

Happy Birthday NSC Technologies

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Today marks NSC Technologies’ 16th year in the industry! Paul Rodriguez founded NSC Technologies in 2000 in his parents’ garage. Paul’s goal was and still is to provide continual employment to our workforce and prides himself on putting American workers to work. Today NSC Technologies has grown into a leading national staffing provider servicing diverse… Read more »

Distracted Driving: A Growing Issue

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We all know that hand-held mobile devices can be the biggest cause of driver distraction. But, did you know that there are many other things going on in the cab that can also distract truckers from keeping their eyes on the road? In this post we will take a look at the growing issue of… Read more »

Top Tips for Choosing a Truck Driver Staffing Firm

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Companies in the market for a reliable firm to manage their truck driver staffing are looking for a way to save money and hassle. One thing they aren’t looking for is extra headaches because they chose an inferior staffing company. With their reputation on the line every time a truck bearing their name is on… Read more »

Can You (and Should You) Manage Without Being Pushy?

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Giving advice and criticism to your employees requires maintaining a tricky equilibrium. You don’t want to be too aggressive for fear of pushing them away or creating resentment. You don’t want to be too timid for fear of not getting your message across. Most workers thrive when their manager expresses belief in them, encourages them… Read more »

Material Handler Jobs Are on The Rise. Here’s How to Get one!

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Material handlers are essential to the daily functions of a warehouse, and the demand for individuals to work these jobs is on the rise. Materials handlers transfer freight, inventory, supplies and other materials from one location to another, which involves loading onto vehicles, shelves or shipping pallets. These individuals are accountable for packing orders, palletizing,… Read more »

Culture Can No Longer Be Ignored in the Recruiting Process

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More and more research shows that poor cultural fit is a major reason why a new hire doesn’t work out. With the labor market currently favoring the job seeker, it’s in a company’s best interest to make sure that a talented new hire will fit into the existing workplace culture. To be fair, the demands… Read more »

A Staffing Solution Built on Core Values

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Ever since we were founded in 2000, NSC Technologies has been dedicated to safety, quality, integrity, flexibility and accountability. These are the non-negotiable values that have made our company a resounding success. As you may know, our recent expansion means we can now offer an even a wider selection of customer locations and employment opportunities… Read more »

Why Attention to Detail Matters in Warehouse Jobs

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Just because warehouse operations require a lot of hectic manual labor, it doesn’t mean that it’s okay to work in a messy environment. Organization and attention to detail aren’t just nice things to have, they’re crucial to maximizing productivity. How much time can you company afford to waste looking for tools or inventory over the… Read more »

Get Better Candidates by Writing Better Job Descriptions

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A quick scan through any job board or employment website will show you that most job postings look the same. Most of them are a few lists that simply tick off job duties, necessary qualifications and other basic information. If your company puts up this kind of job posting, consider the impression that you are… Read more »