Why Managing Employees Is Only Part of a Leader’s Role

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  In trying to do a good job, many managers focus intently on supervising their employees; coaching workers who are underperforming, mediating disputes and addressing various concerns. However, managing employees shouldn’t be the only thing a company leader thinks about. They should also be attentive to other aspects of the job that might be less… Read more »

What’s the Best Time of Day to Apply for a New Job?

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  You may have thought a lot about the format for your resume, how to word your cover letters and the best way to network, but have you given much thought to when you should send in a job application? According to newly released data from the employment platform TalentWorks, the best time to apply… Read more »

How Much Should Potential Factor Into Your Hiring Strategy?

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  Companies are putting more emphasis on potential than ever before. With the labor market currently being as tight as it is, companies are having to hire more candidates without essential skills in the hopes they can gain these skills through classes or on-the-job training. Although the labor market might be forcing your company to… Read more »

Why You Have to Focus on Company Culture During Times of Low Unemployment

Focus on Company Culture During Times of Low Unemployment

  The joblessness rate in the United States is the lowest it has been in the past decade, bottoming out at a little over 4 percent. While this is generally considered to be a good thing, it also means companies are finding it hard to retain and hire workers. With a lot of opportunities out… Read more »

Are You Paying Your Machine Operators Enough?

Are You Paying Your Machine Operators Enough?

  Also known as tool and die makers, machine operators use heavy equipment to fabricate mechanical products. In order to retain good operators who can work well with others, employers should pay them a competitive rate. Before discussing what to pay a machine operator, it is important to know what they do and what it… Read more »

NSC Technologies Wins National Award for Excellence in Safety

The AEU Safety Awards program recognizes the strongest safety programs in the maritime industry Portsmouth, VA – NSC Technologies, LLC (NSC), an innovative staffing firm that specializes in placing qualified skilled, technical and professional talent, announces it has been awarded a 2016 AEU Safety Award for the company’s strong commitment to safety in the workplace.… Read more »

NSC Technologies Acquires Superior Resource Group: Expanding Service Lines and Capabilities Nationwide

  NSC Technologies is pleased to announce that it has acquired Superior Resource Group. June 30, 2017 – White Wolf Capital LLC (“White Wolf”) is pleased to announce that NSC Technologies, LLC (“NSC”) has acquired Superior Resource Group, Inc. (“SRG”).  White Wolf recapitalized NSC, in partnership with NSC’s management team, in November 2016.  The acquisition… Read more »

Happy International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is a great opportunity to celebrate the many career options available to women today. Doors are opening in every sector of our economy, and the increasing number of women who are launching careers in the skilled trades is a sign of this progress. Opportunities are on the rise for women who want… Read more »

National Safety Month: App to Report OSHA Violations on the Go

What was life like before we had apps for everything? How did we know the weather forecast? How did we get directions? How did we let our friends know what we had for brunch? Apps have changed every part of our society and it looks like one is about to change the way employees file… Read more »

Best Responses to the 5 Biggest PPE Excuses

Wearing personal protective equipment is essential to keeping your employees safe and healthy, but because of its appearance or discomfort, some employees may be resistant to wearing it properly. In a survey by Kimberly-Clark Professional, 62 percent of employees said they don’t wear PPE because it’s uncomfortable. Other reasons given for not wearing PPE included the idea… Read more »