National Safety Month: What Can You Find on a Fall Protection Audits?

  Safeguarding against slips, trips and falls is a common an issue for almost every company. Having a good fall protection plan is important, particularly considering the frequency and costs of these kinds of accidents. According to the Department of Labor, slips, trips and falls account for around one-fourth of on-the-job injury claims each year.… Read more »

National Safety Month: How to Create an Employee Wellness Program That Works

  Many companies are seeing employee wellness programs not just as a nice thing to do, but also as a tool to recruit top talent, minimize turnover, improve attendance and provide a whole host of other benefits. The degree to which businesses provide employee wellness initiatives falls on a wide range. Some companies run contests… Read more »

National Safety Month: How to Create a Workplace Violence Response Plan

  Sadly, we live in a world where businesses need to have a workplace violence response plan in place. Experts suggest a response plan that, unlike other disasters, revolves around a thinking, moving and highly-dangerous threat. As a result, this kind of situation must be handled in a way that avoids adding to the chaos… Read more »

NSC Technologies Wins National Award for Excellence in Safety

The AEU Safety Awards program recognizes the strongest safety programs in the maritime industry Portsmouth, VA – NSC Technologies, LLC (NSC), an innovative staffing firm that specializes in placing qualified skilled, technical and professional talent, announces it has been awarded a 2016 AEU Safety Award for the company’s strong commitment to safety in the workplace.… Read more »

National Safety Month: How to Respond When There’s an Active Shooter in Your Facility

Active Shooter

  Sadly, active shooter situations in public places are becoming more common, according to the FBI. While these incidents typically spark political debate over causes and solutions, companies and workers should be more concerned with developing a plan for handling an active shooter situation on their premises. Here are a few things every company and… Read more »

National Safety Month: Sleep Deprivation is a Billion Dollar Problem

Sleep Deprivation

  New research has identified the financial effects that fatigued employees have on the US economy, and like a long night of tossing and turning – the results aren’t pretty. In fact, the study found the fiscal impact of sleep deprivation alone is enough to eliminate the current annual growth rate of the Gross Domestic… Read more »

National Safety Month: The 10 Most Common Disabling Workplace Injuries and How Much They’ll Cost You

Workplace Injuries

  Nobody wants to see workplace injuries. In addition to the personal pain and suffering, injuries also cost businesses a lot of money. According to a recent annual report by Liberty Mutual, the most debilitating workplace injuries cost American businesses nearly $60 billion a year, which is roughly $1.15 billion per week. To reach its… Read more »

National Safety Month: App to Report OSHA Violations on the Go

What was life like before we had apps for everything? How did we know the weather forecast? How did we get directions? How did we let our friends know what we had for brunch? Apps have changed every part of our society and it looks like one is about to change the way employees file… Read more »

National Safety Month: Prevent Slips, Trips and Falls in the Workplace

While slips, trips and falls might look funny on TV or YouTube, these kinds of accidents are no laughing matter. According to the Department of Labor, slips, trips and falls are responsible for 15 percent of all accidental deaths each year. American companies also lose more than 95 million workdays per year to slips, trips… Read more »