How to Crush Your Initial Interview Call with a Recruiter

How to Crush Your Initial Interview Call with a Recruiter

  While they might look and feel similar, there are big differences between an interview with a hiring manager and an interview with a staffing recruiter. Job seekers interviewing with a hiring manager are trying to get one specific job, while those interviewing with a recruiter might be under consideration for a few different open… Read more »

5 Ways to Ace Your Welding Interview

5 Ways to Ace Your Welding Interview

  Most people know you should dress up for a typical interview and bring a copy of your resume, but an interview for a welding job isn’t a typical interview. Those scheduled for a welding interview might be wondering if they should take their welding gear, work clothes or any other additional materials. These are… Read more »

Commercial Vehicle Safety. It’s What We’re Thinking About.

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s (CVSA) 30th annual International Roadcheck will take place June 6-8, 2017. Over a 72-hour period, CVSA-certified commercial motor vehicle inspectors in jurisdictions throughout North America will conduct inspections of commercial motor vehicles and their drivers. Each year, International Roadcheck places special emphasis on a category of violations. This year’s focus… Read more »

Honoring Our Heros

NSC Technologies would like to take this Memorial Day weekend to honor and remember the extraordinary courage, commitment and bravery of those who served in the United States Armed Forces. We honor those who served a role in American history, who have sacrificed time away from loved ones and those who paid the ultimate sacrifice to protect the… Read more »

Essential Sheet Metal Training You Should Consider to Elevate Your Career

According to recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the typical sheet metal worker makes an average of just under $50,000 per year in salary. The employment rate of these workers is projected to grow 7 percent through the middle of the next decade. This means there should be plenty of opportunities for ambitious… Read more »

“Keep the Shiny Side Up and the Muddy Side Down”

“Keep the shiny side up and the muddy side down,” is an old trucker saying that means in dry or sloppy weather, drivers kept trucks upright and on or near the roadway. It doesn’t mean a truck never got away from me. That happened in the wee hours of a late winter morning, when heavy snow and… Read more »

How a Mirror Can Increase Your Chances of Finding a New Job

Searching for a job usually takes a lot longer, is more tiresome and becomes more aggravating than you expect. Between scouring job boards, customizing resumes, networking and going on interviews, you might start to become a little frazzled, haggard and down in the dumps. One simple trick to help you stay upbeat is to buy… Read more »

The Soft Skills to Look for in an Entry-Level Candidate

It can be hard to hire good workers in today’s competitive labor market. With so few people out there looking for jobs right now, it can be difficult to find someone with the requisite skills and experience needed to fill your open positions. Furthermore, you want to avoid hiring someone who looks okay on paper,… Read more »

Why Trucking is a Safe Bet for Military Veterans

Safety isn’t just a buzzword in the trucking industry — it’s a lifestyle. It has to be, for a reason more than familiar to military veterans: neglecting safety comes with consequences. Fortunately, veterans transitioning into trucking will find a familiar and enduring commitment to safety. The statistics prove it. According to the American Trucking Association,… Read more »

Top Tips for Choosing a Truck Driver Staffing Firm

Companies in the market for a reliable firm to manage their truck driver staffing are looking for a way to save money and hassle. One thing they aren’t looking for is extra headaches because they chose an inferior staffing company. With their reputation on the line every time a truck bearing their name is on… Read more »