Expanding Our National Workforce Management Solutions: NSC Technologies Acquires Nationwide Temporaries

September 2017 – NSC Technologies is pleased to announce that it has acquired Nationwide Temporaries   September 29, 2017 – White Wolf Capital LLC (“White Wolf”) is pleased to announce that NSC Technologies, LLC (“NSC”) has acquired Nationwide Temporaries, Inc. (“Nationwide”).  White Wolf recapitalized NSC, in partnership with NSC’s management team, in November 2016.  The… Read more »

Why You Should Give Entry-Level Assembly Workers a Chance

Entry-Level Assembly Workers

  For many managers, hiring entry-level employees can be annoying. However, entry-level workers’ lower average wage and willingness to pick up your methods makes them worth the effort. Entry-level job postings tend to receive a lot more qualified applicants than those for positions that require years of experience, which means sifting through a lot of… Read more »

Are You Paying Your Machine Operators Enough?

Are You Paying Your Machine Operators Enough?

  Also known as tool and die makers, machine operators use heavy equipment to fabricate mechanical products. In order to retain good operators who can work well with others, employers should pay them a competitive rate. Before discussing what to pay a machine operator, it is important to know what they do and what it… Read more »

What to Do When You Think an Employee is on Drugs

What to Do When You Think an Employee is on Drugs

Dealing with suspected drug use by employees is a tricky thing. On the one hand, you don’t want to make accusations you can’t prove, and on the other hand, you might need to step in out of safety concerns for the worker and other employees. Many companies make it a policy not to say anything… Read more »

Why It’s Important to Keep Your Personal Life and Professional Life Separate Online

Personal Life and Professional Life

  The online and “real life” worlds have been increasingly combined, and that’s often not a good thing for people looking to keep a clear divide between professional and personal lives. When your personal and work worlds collide, it can affect how you are seen at work by colleagues, how your supervisor treats you and… Read more »

5 Ways to Ace Your Welding Interview

5 Ways to Ace Your Welding Interview

  Most people know you should dress up for a typical interview and bring a copy of your resume, but an interview for a welding job isn’t a typical interview. Those scheduled for a welding interview might be wondering if they should take their welding gear, work clothes or any other additional materials. These are… Read more »

Three Interview Questions You Just Can’t Ask

Three Interview Questions You Just Can't Ask

  Most people involved in their company’s hiring process know you can’t directly ask candidates about their race, age, nationality, disability or gender in a job interview. However, people may not know that seemingly innocuous questions can be roundabout ways to get at that same information. Asking these questions isn’t illegal per se. The issue… Read more »

FMCSA Adds 12 Violations to SMS, Updates SMS Website

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) added 12 violations to the Safety Measurement System (SMS) to give large truck and bus companies a more complete picture of their safety performance. This update aligns with recent changes to FMCSA’s roadside inspection collection software and builds on efforts to continuously improve the consistency of data in… Read more »

NSC Technologies Wins National Award for Excellence in Safety

The AEU Safety Awards program recognizes the strongest safety programs in the maritime industry Portsmouth, VA – NSC Technologies, LLC (NSC), an innovative staffing firm that specializes in placing qualified skilled, technical and professional talent, announces it has been awarded a 2016 AEU Safety Award for the company’s strong commitment to safety in the workplace.… Read more »

How to Get Promoted When You’ve Been at Your Job Less Than a Year

How to Get Promoted When You've Been at Your Job Less Than a Year

  Getting a promotion less than 12 months after you’ve been hired sounds like an impossible feat. However, with the economy in decent shape and unemployment relatively low, conditions are right for many employees to receive an internal promotion fairly quickly. That being said, it’s going to take more than a pulse and a bit… Read more »