How to Hire Your Next Great Manufacturing Team Lead

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A Manufacturing Team Lead can be a difficult position to staff. On one hand, you will need a person that is detail-oriented and technically competent. But more importantly, they ought to have good soft skills, such as the ability to resolve conflict, solve problems and build consensus.

Too many companies make the mistake of promoting or hiring someone into a leadership role with a lot of technical ability but not many soft skills. The result is a team lead that is either too hands-off or too micromanaging, both of which can lead or morale loss and apathy among workers.

If you’re hiring a Manufacturing Team Lead, here are a handful of attributes to consider that aren’t easily listed on the traditional resume.

Good organizational skills

A Manufacturing Team Lead typically has a lot on his or her plate. They have to keep operations compliant with various standards, handle scheduling, uphold safety standards, keep an eye on budgets and any number of other administrative duties. Obviously, organizational skills are key to keeping all of these balls in the air.

When interviewing for organizational abilities, you can simply ask each candidate how they might describe their organizational abilities and ask for specific examples of when those skills came in handy. For instance, they might describe the system or apps they use to organize their own life.


Various manufacturing facilities have different safety hazards and a Manufacturing Team Lead must know them to maintain a safe work area. The ideal applicant may not be able to talk about the specific safety issues for your organization, but they should be able to talk about top safety points for the typical manufacturing floor.

For example, candidates should be able to talk about personal protective equipment, the importance of maintaining a clean manufacturing space and the value of have staff members well-versed in safety procedures.

Teamworking ability across an organization

A Manufacturing Lead must act as a bridge between employees and management. Good candidates for the position should be able to interact naturally with various people at all levels of an organization.

One way to evaluate this soft skill is to incorporate people from various levels of your organization into the hiring process and seeing how an applicant interacts with these people. Another approach is to ask candidates for examples of when they were able to resolve conflicts or deal with a difficult personality above them in the organization.

Ability to give direction

Sure, many people are capable or barking orders or timidly asking workers to handle their job duties, but for many people, telling others what to do doesn’t come naturally. A well-qualified applicant should be able to give at least one example, from their personal or professional life, when they were an effective leader.

At NSC Technologies, we help our clients source talent for both leadership and non-leadership roles. If your company is looking to hire its next great corporate leader, please contact us today to find out how we can help.


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