How to Uncover the True Value of Your Employees to Set them Up for Success

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Employee reviews are supposed to focus on the progress of staff members toward achieving both company objectives and their goals within the company. However, a progress report shouldn’t be the only reason for these reviews.

To truly appreciate the value of your staff members, you also have to understand how their priorities line up with the company’s values, because when they don’t, employees are more likely to become disengaged or even leave for another opportunity.

Here are a few ways to uncover the true value of your employees and set them up for success in your company.

Clearly communicate company values

Before considering the values that workers bring to your company, you must understand the company’s own values. Then, you should ensure company values are being communicated regularly and in a way that workers can understand. Employees also need to know how the company values pertain to their role.

When going over a worker’s performance, make sure you look into how they are internalizing company values. Consider if the employee brings integrity to their job and if they work well with others toward supporting collective goals.  Employee reviews will allow you to get a better picture of how well a worker’s values align with the company’s values.

Maintain value standards

An alignment between employees’ value and the company’s values means nothing if the company fails to uphold those values.

Therefore, if a worker isn’t displaying the company values, you must confront this lapse. These conversations are difficult, and staff members may take the criticism personally. However, these uncomfortable conversations can be chances to inspire growth and should be approached with a constructive mindset.

Furthermore, employees who excel at exhibiting company values should be recognized. These workers should be groomed for advancement, which can serve as an example to other staff members.

Finally, it’s important for you to personally exhibit the organization’s values. If leadership is falling short, it will be difficult to promote the desired values in employees.

Look to align values and jobs duties

If someone is naturally driven to do something, they will find the work rewarding, which can a powerful force for a company.

Once you understand the core values of your staff members, you can direct workers passions to the proper job duties, leading to lower-friction productivity and a more content workforce.

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