How to Make Your Candidates Feel More Comfortable for a Better Experience

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Most people get nervous before an interview, and there’s a good reason for that: An interview is a performance, like a piano recital or stand-up comedy routine.There’s pressure to perform in a job interview and there’s a small audience just a few feet away, literally judging everything they see and hear, because that is their job.

Some employers might want to see how their applicants behave under pressure. However, most people perform better when they are relaxed ,and you don’t want to miss out on your next all-star employee because they were nervous.

So, in the interest of getting the best interview performances, here are a few ways to put your applicants at ease.

Give them as much information as possible

Many top companies are doing everything they can to make sure applicants do the best they possibly can in the interview. Some have a packet of information that can be downloaded from the ‘Careers’ section of their website; others even provide practice interview questions.

If a high level of transparency for your interview process isn’t possible, you can still provide the names of the interviewers to candidates so they can look them up on LinkedIn and familiarize themselves with the person(s) who will be interviewing them.

Pick a hospitable location

Most hiring managers conduct job interviews in their office or a company conference room because its free of distractions, but think about how that feels to an interviewee. If it’s in your office, you will feel at ease and in control while they are in unfamiliar surroundings. If it’s in a conference room, it’ll likely be bright and sterile, and perhaps even a “fish bowl” scenario where current employees can look through windows.

One way to put candidates at ease is to interview them in the neutral setting of a café. If that’s too informal, try to pick an area in your company’s facilities that is warm and has a lot of soothing natural light.

Greet them warmly

If an applicant is left alone for a long time in an empty reception area, it can make any nerves they have even worse. Be sure your interviewees are welcomed by a friendly staff member and that they realize that they’re going to be taken care of shortly. Preferably, you should greet them yourself, even they have to wait for few minutes while you attend to any urgent issues that may arise. Simply put, a warm greeting does a lot to settle nerves.

Save tough questions for the end

Whether it’s for a job opening or during a talk show appearance, the number one rule for any interview is to save the most difficult questions for the end. Challenging you interviewee upfront can create an awkward situation for the rest of the interview, and if you’re feeling awkward, you’re not going to be able to properly assess your candidate.

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