5 Ways to Ace Your Welding Interview

5 Ways to Ace Your Welding Interview


Most people know you should dress up for a typical interview and bring a copy of your resume, but an interview for a welding job isn’t a typical interview.

Those scheduled for a welding interview might be wondering if they should take their welding gear, work clothes or any other additional materials. These are important considerations as the first impression could make or break your chances of getting hired.

Below are five tips on how you can make that essential great first impression.


Preparing your interview answers

Start your interview prep by determining the kind of welding that would be done in this particular job. For instance, if you’ll be working on smaller projects, your preparation should focus on MIG welding. On the other hand, if you’ll be welding large structural components, focus on stick welding.

You should also prepare answers to more general questions that are bound to come up. Be able to explain where you were trained and what skills you acquired, particularly which welding methods you have mastered. Talk about any accolades or certifications you’ve earned.

Finally, be prepared to talk about your knowledge of safety equipment and your commitment to safety standards.


Practice your presentation

It never hurts to practice basic social skills like making eye contact for the right amount of time and showing an interest in the people interviewing you. Employers wouldn’t take the time to interview you if they didn’t care about your ability to interact with others.

It helps to have a handful of things to say about yourself, including the highlights of your work history and how you got interested in welding. Also, try to come up with a few basic questions for your interviewers, like how they got into the industry and what their favorite part of their job is.


Know the company

Employers will be more willing to hire you if you display a genuine interest in their organization. Making the effort to study the business you’re interviewing with is a basic courtesy and shows professionalism.

Become acquainted with the company’s mission statement, background and current focus so you can talk about them comfortably.


Preparing to weld

In addition to being able to answer questions about the type of welding you’d be doing, get in some practice doing that type of welding, as welding interviews may require applicants to showcase their abilities.


What to wear

Welding interviews don’t require getting a suit out of the closet. Hiring managers generally prefer you turn up in a long-sleeve work shirt, work pants (jeans) and good work boots.

In many instances, you’ll have to show your welding abilities, so in addition to having protective, comfortable clothing; you should also bring your helmet, gloves and welding jacket with you in a bag. This personal protective gear should be clean and not overly worn.

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