Community Engagement Benefits All of Us

While we may work tirelessly to connect companies with high-quality talent, the employees of NSC Technologies never lose sight of the fact that we wouldn’t be able to do our job without the surrounding community.

That’s why we make it part of our mission to give back to the Hampton Roads area. In addition to supporting area residents, we are also driven to protect local resources so they can be enjoyed for generations to come.

Giving back to the community is mutually beneficial

We also encourage our client companies to give back to the community, in part because helping the community can also help out our clients.

In fact, volunteer or social benefit programs could also be seen as an opportunity to engage employees’ professional skills. Activities that leverage workers’ core competencies not only add value to the community, they also give employees the chance to use their skills in a different setting, and possibly learn from the experience.

Volunteer activities can also boost company morale, employee engagement and a sense of community within the workplace. Workers who see their company as active in the community are more likely to say they want to stay with an organization. Furthermore, job seekers frequently report that an engaged company is a more attractive to work for.

Finally, participation in social programs also boosts a company’s visibility in the community. Whether it’s through face-to-face interactions or a publicly posted list of sponsors, supporting community programs increases a company’s visibility, which can lead to new sales leads or business-to-business relationships.

What to consider when giving back

By taking a few factors into consideration, your organization can see some added benefits to giving back without detracting from the core engagement in a community program.

Start by taking a look at your community and seeing where your organization can provide the most benefit. For example: If your company is heavily invested in customer service, you may want to consider doing charity work that involves outreach to disadvantage people in the area. Likewise, a construction or fabrication company may want to look at Habitat for Humanity or similar programs.

Next, make sure you have employee buy-in and participation, possibly by letting workers play a role in deciding how to give back. Letting employees perform volunteer work during business hours is another way to boost participation.

Once employees have bought in and you know which ones are participating, develop individualized volunteer plans for each employee. The plans should be drawn up to take advantage of each particular worker’s skill set. For instance, if you have company accountants, they could be assigned to help a non-profit find ways to save money.

After you’ve started participating in a community program, be sure to post it to the company’s website or social media. When announcing your company’s participation, do it in a way that encourages other businesses or individuals to get involved.

At NSC, we are always open to new ways to give back to our community. If your organization is looking for a partner in a charity endeavor, simply give us a call and we can discuss the details.


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